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Lift – Using Technology to Form Good Habits

Published August 7, 2014 - 3 Comments

Lift_Black_Logo1I have a lot of habits… most of them bad.  It’s so easy to fall into the trap of repeating bad habits.  Most of the time I don’t even think about it.  It’s just second nature.  That’s why they’re habits!

They say that it takes 21 days of repeating the same action before it becomes a habit.  Most of my bad habits are 42 years in the making and not going to be changed easily.  I’ve tried different things, but in the end, the habit is usually still there.  Stronger than ever!  But there might be help for me.

I recently downloaded an app for my phone called Lift.  Lift allows me to select goals from suggested categories or add my own.  Then I can set up my frequency, and my reminders.  As I go through my day and perform these activities I click them off.  Seems simple enough.  The idea being that if I do these enough that they will eventually become second nature.

There’s also a social aspect to the Lift app.  You can choose to have your accomplishments posted to the activity board of the Lift community where people will give you props or comment.  If that’s not something that interests you, simply turn it off on one (or all) of your goals.

I set my goals to be realistic, yet still challenging:

  • Eat fruit 5 times/week
  • Read 3 times/week
  • Sleep by midnight 5 times/week
  • Stop drinking pop 1 time/week  (still haven’t achieved this one)
  • Take blood pressure 2 times/week
  • De-clutter 2 times/week
  • Walk 5 times/week
  • Take medication in evening 7 times/week
  • Weigh myself 1 time/week
  • Write blog post 5 times/week
  • Eat breakfast 5 times/week
  • Pack lunch 4 times/week
  • Wake up by 6:30 5 times/week
  • Write three positive things about the day 7 times/week

After about a week I can see that some of my goals are not being reached.  I haven’t had a single day without Coke.  That’s sad.  I haven’t gotten out to walk.  Or read.  Even my blog posting has been weak.  (Yes, I will click off today after publishing this one!)  Then there are others that are doing quite well.  Writing three positive things about today?  I’m on a 7 day streak with that one!  I’m better taking my medication now!  I’ve even gotten better at having breakfast and packing a lunch.  So who knows, maybe this will end up being a good thing.  Ask me in 21 days!