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Life is Short… Enjoy the “Now”

Published July 23, 2011 - 3 Comments

Tonight I stopped in to see a buddy of mine who is in the hospital receiving chemotherapy treatments.  Thankfully it’s not as serious as it might sound.  Not that anyone wants to have to deal with that, but it could be much worse.

He said something to me which resonated quite loudly… about saving for the future.  There’s so much emphasis on saving for your golden years, that we sometimes forget about the “now”… Saving for retirement is one thing, but we still need to enjoy our lives now… because now might be all we have. (He didn’t really say it like that… but I’m expanding with my own thoughts.  He just said he was going to start spending a little more now, and not worrying about the future as much)

It’s time to start thinking about now.