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Let the Countdown Begin

Published June 15, 2012 - 1 Comment

Two more nights!  That’s it.  I finish off these two nights, then I go on vacation for a week, and start back at my new job on June 25th.  I’ve already cleaned out my overhead storage bin.  Tomorrow I will clean out my locker.  It sounds like I’m retiring… I wish!  No, I’m only going down stairs by 1 floor.  From one frying pan into another.

I think most people have at least some level of anxiety when going to a new job.  It’s no different for me.  I’m leaving a position where I’ve been bored for the last 8 years… a place where I really didn’t figure I’d be more than 3 or 4 years.  A nice place to finish my business degree, but not somewhere I wanted to be forever.  It’s hard to argue that 8 years is “forever”, but since embarking on a career in the telepony company, it’s the longest that I’ve spent in any one location.  And while I may be bored, I think that I do a damn good job.

A lot has changed since I started here and I’m well over-due for a change.  I’m still not sure that this next move is the best way to go about finding that change, but it is what it is.  Time to close this chapter.

8am June 25, 2012.