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Lest I Forget…

Published November 12, 2010 - 7 Comments

This is my grandfather.  He was a proud Welshman.  He fought in the Second World War as a member of the Royal Navy aboard a number of destroyers and submarines.  I can not imagine what he, and so many others like him, must have gone through.  He was a far better man than I will ever be. 

This is the last picture that I have of my grandfather before he passed away a few years ago.  For his  last few Remembrance Days, Cecile and I would go to his house and take him to the Legion to observe the ceremonies.  He was always dressed in his best and waiting for us.  It was a bittersweet moment to see him talking to some of his old friends.  They would comment that there were fewer of them every year.  And even though he knew that he wasn’t supposed to, he would enjoy his rum and Coke with those friends.

It’s on a day like this that I am reminded of those simple pleasures.  Taking my grandfather to observe Remembrance Day was our thing.  I know how much he appreciated it.  What I didn’t realize at the time was how much *I* appreciated it too.  Remembrance Days haven’t been the same since he passed away.

To everyone who fought for Freedom… to those who came home…  and those who paid the Ultimate Sacrifice…  Thank you.

And to my grandfather…       I miss you, Grampy.