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Kia’s Inflated Mileage Claims… tsk tsk…

Published November 13, 2012 - 3 Comments

I need to check my junk folder more often.  Had I done that, I would have noticed an email from Kia stating they had lied to me (and nearly a million other recent buyers) about the fuel performance of several of their newer vehicles.  OK.. well maybe they didn’t come right out and say that they lied… but…   OOPS!

Kia set up a nice little website (www.kiafuelconsumption.ca) for owners to see whether their vehicle qualifies for a reimbursement, and if so, to estimate the amount.

So let’s see… I bought my Sportage in May… and I have 8000 kms on it.   I also live about 5 blocks from my place of employment, so there are days when it just sits there and doubles as a target for overhead birds.  Were it not for the trips to Halifax and Grand Falls, it would have far fewer kilometres on the odometer.  Great for wear and tear on my parts… but not great for calculating how much Kia will offer me as compensation for the emotional distress of learning that my compact SUV is more of a gas guzzler than I had originally thought.   Every man has his price.  What’s mine?


That’s right.  For the cost of lunch for two at Wok Box, Kia can sooth my conscience, and buy my silence.   I’m pretty sure that by accepting their offer I probably give up my right to have my name added to any class action lawsuit filed on my behalf at some point down the road.

But a man’s gotta eat!

Update Nov 21:  Be sure to check out my follow up post regarding the inflated mileage claims.