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KFC Canada Pulls the Rug out From Under the Double Down

Published November 17, 2010 - 8 Comments

Geeze, I didn’t even have a chance to post my thoughts on KFC’s new artery clogger (also known as the Double Down sandwich) and they went and pulled it off their menu.  Well, they claim that it was intended as a limited time special from the beginning, with the possibility of adding it permanently depending on sales.  That sounds pretty standard.  The weird thing is that they also say that it’s the most successful product launch in KFC Canada’s history, so I’m really not sure why they would pull it off the menu?  Did too many people keel over in their restaurants after eating one of these 540 calorie monsters?  And don’t forget… that’s just the sandwich.  You’re probably thinking that you want the combo, so tack on the fries and a pop.  Yeah, good times.

Well if you didn’t get a chance to try one of these, you’re going to have to travel south of the border.  They’re still available there (Americans will eat anything), at least for now.

Thankfully (or not) I took the plunge a few weeks ago and ordered one of these (as a combo, duh) and took it to work with me so I could share in the glory.  Or maybe I was thinking that it might be nice to have someone close by to call 911 in the event of an emergency.  I’ve gotta say that I was completely surprised by the Double Down.  I was actually expecting to like it, but then feel guilty because I would rationalize that it just took 3 months off my life expectancy.  That didn’t happen.

I did not like it at all.

And that’s a little odd to me, considering that it’s just two pieces of chicken with bacon, cheese, and some sort of sauce in between.  Everyone knows that this is a breadless sandwich, right?  That’s the gimmick here.  Generally everything is better with bacon, and cheese is usually pretty safe.  But I didn’t like the combination at all.  I ended up separating the two pieces of chicken, and scraping everything else off.  I actually threw the bacon and cheese in the garbage, and just ate the chicken.  In fairness to the Double Down, I thought that the chicken portion was quite good.  They were two nice pieces of white meat, and I actually did enjoy those.  But when put together as a Double Down sandwich?  Umm.. no.  It just didn’t do it for me.

I’m probably not the only one to coin this phrase, but I gave KFC’s Double Down sandwich two thumbs double down.  Witty, I know, eh?

Goodbye Double Down.  I won’t miss you.