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Kartoen.be (A rare gem in a pile of useless distraction)

Published May 27, 2010 - 0 Comments

I was looking for something specific the other night… a graphic that would give some sort of visual representation to the feeling of “moving on”.  It’s not an easy task trying to find a single picture that conveys a bag of mixed emotions.  I wasn’t even sure what I was looking for.  Or if I’d even recognize it if I managed to stumble upon it.

I have to give Google Images credit.  It did a decent job of throwing pictures at me that may or may not have been what I was looking for.  Many of them dealt with footwear and the physical act of moving.  Some were closer to what I thought I wanted… book covers, or depictions of poems or other words of comfort.  But then I saw something that caught my eye… a tiny thumbnail of a crudely drawn cartoon, very similar to the stick men that I sometimes create when I’m bored.  This was not what I was expecting to find…

I clicked on the thumbnail and read the cartoon carefully.  I was blown away by its simplicity and the personal feeling of familiarity.  It looked like something that I could have created…  if I had any ability whatsoever.  I knew instantly that this was exactly what I wanted.

Then I started to read through the rest of the blog.  The cartoon is called HappySad, and that’s exactly what it is.  It’s not fancy, but it’s very insightful.  I’ll admit, I had to  look up what domain extension .be was.  Turns out that it’s Belgium!  I’ve never run into any websites from Belgium before, but I’m very happy that I discovered this one!

If you have a moment, try taking a look at HappySad.  It’s probably not for everyone, but I found it quite interesting.  Certainly many of the cartoons there hit close to home.  Maybe even click on a Google ad, or two.  It doesn’t hurt, and I’m sure that the artist would appreciate it.

And… in case you’re wondering… I present to you…

Moving On