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Goodbye, Karla.

Published November 7, 2016 - 0 Comments

Today I said goodbye to a friend and colleague. Karla was only 50 years old when she was diagnosed with cancer. You know how some people just fill a room with their smile and positive attitude? That was Karla. She didn’t complain. She laughed. She didn’t whine. She loved.

KarlaI only knew Karla from working with her, but it was easy to tell that she lived her life to the fullest.

screenshot-2016-11-07-15-47-18I tried to stay in contact with Karla when she went on leave. I imagine she was pretty bored at the start of it. We played Words With Friends, and she kicked my ass every single game. Except one. I think she was just toying with me to let meĀ win.

I’d give anything to have a rematch.