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Jon and Kate… Who Cares???

Published June 24, 2009 - 0 Comments

Jon cheated on Kate.  Kate cheated on Jon.  The Children’s Protection people are worried about the cameras in the kids’ faces all the time.  Who’s getting paid?  Who’s not? Now Jon and Kate are getting divorced…


Apparently this “reality” show has been on the air for a few seasons, and I’ve somehow managed to remain blissfully ignorant until rumours of an affair were plastered upon every supermarket tabloid in existence.  And yet I asked myself… “Who are these people?  And why do I care?”

When your big claim to fame is that you have 8 kids, I think that a reality show is pretty much at the bottom of the list of things you should be concerned about.  But hey, that’s just me.  It’s bad enough that we’re concerned with the inner-workings of the lives of celebrities.  Now there’s an entire nation of Jon and Kate followers wailing at the idea of their favourite happily married couple falling apart… and what this means to their show.

The show???

Does anybody really care?