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It’s OK to Repeat Yourself… It’s OK to Repeat Yourself…

Published September 17, 2010 - 0 Comments

I was reading an article recently at ProBlogger, which was very good.. and unfortunately I didn’t bookmark it at the time, and am currently having some trouble trying to find right now.  But what I remember vividly from it was that it’s OK to repeat yourself.  I’ll say it again.. it’s OK to repeat yourself.  OK, that’s annoying…  I don’t think that’s what they meant.  It’s more like this:

No one reads everything!

OK.. there are maybe 3 people reading this post right now who have read everything…  oh, 4… and everyone else… they haven’t read everything, and probably never will.  No one goes back to the start to read.  If someone new pops on, they might go back a page or two, but they’re not going to go back to June 2009 and read from there!  And if they start to, they probably won’t read everything.

So essentially, if I had something really interesting to say before (what are the chances of that, I wonder?) then it was probably only seen by a fraction of the people who will read this one.  Not that I want to go back and copy and paste the same stuff in… but it’s OK to talk about things again… just make it fresh.  The people who haven’t read it before will appreciate seeing it for the first time.  The people who might look and think that it’s familiar… well, hopefully they appreciate it too.

This is a fluid document… what is said one day doesn’t necessarily carry over to the next… and what was said last year might still somehow be relevant today.

Party on, Garth.