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It’s a Netbook Christmas

Published December 13, 2009 - 2 Comments

I’ve been looking at netbooks since before they started to become popular.  The idea of a small laptop that is very easily carried around is something that I’ve been interested in for a long time.  I’m perfectly willing to give up my optical drive in favour of increased portability any day.  Maybe not as a primary machine, but certainly as an alternative.

I was pretty excited when I picked up one of the Gateway netbooks from FutureShop.  The LT3114H is perfect for the kids as their first computer.  It runs Windows XP, which is just fine with me.  It’s pretty lightweight, both physically, and capability-wise.  That’s also fine with me, because they’re not going to be doing any hard number crunching with these machines.  I imagine that Webkinz will probably be the main draw, and they will also learn how to do other things as they become more comfortable with these machines.  The big thing for me will be that they’ll each have their own computer, and will no longer have to compete for computer time with themselves, or their mother.  The downside will inevitably be having to provide tech support remotely for a couple of kids in elementary school.  It’s hard enough doing this for adults, so we’ll see how quickly I change my mind that this is a great gift for them.

The netbook itself takes some getting used to.  For me.  The kids will have no problem with it, I’m sure.  I find it a tad difficult to type on, but I’ve only just started.  (this post is being written on the netbook)  Their mother ran it through Webkinz to make sure that the graphics were fast enough to run the site.  Thumbs up!  (it was actually at that point that I made the decision to buy a second one, so they would each have one)  So all in all, it looks like it’s going to be a netbook Christmas this year.

How long before I get the call that there’s something spilled in the keyboard, or that it was dropped down the stairs?