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It Ain’t Easy Goin’ Green

Published September 8, 2009 - 4 Comments

RecyclingIf memory serves me correctly (doubtful, at this stage of life) I seem to remember a certain green frog who used to say something about being green.  It wasn’t easy?

But what about GOING green?  No, not literally.  Environmentally.

I try.  I really do.  OK, maybe that’s a stretch.  But I really WANT to.  OK, maybe that’s pushing it too.  I watched Al Gore’s documentary!  Doesn’t that count for something?  How about this?  I UNDERSTAND the importance of being a little more friendly to the environment.  There, that’s accurate.  But it’s just so damned confusing sometimes, and where to start?

Recycling?  I can put this, this and this into this bin, but not that or those.  Rinse the cans?  Peel the paper off?  Put that here.  No, over there.  What kind of cardboard is this?  Where’s the symbol?  What does it all mean?  Is this rigid plastic?  It feels soft to me, but it’s not a plastic bag.  What kind of paper is this?  Oh the hell with it!  Throw it all in the garbage and put it out to the road!  Let someone else deal with it!

Eventually someone IS going to have to deal with it, so I guess that I’d better start now.

It’s not just recycling.  Oh no.  Now I have new light bulbs to worry about.  Do I stock up on the old incandescent ones, and horde them in my basement before the 2012 ban goes into effect?  Should I be composting, or throw out my leftovers?  Can I just dig a big hole out back and bury things there?  I’ll do it at night, so the neighbours don’t notice.  What’s that smell?  Oh, nothing…

Challenging times ahead…