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In the Absence of Freedom

Published August 23, 2010 - 0 Comments

To live in Freedom.  The most fundamental of human rights, yet in many parts of the world, this basic right does not exist.  There, men, women and children live in a world foreign to most of us.  But what happens when that loss of Freedom occurs closer to home?

In the Absence of Freedom, your identity is stripped from you.  Your movements are not your own.  Your hopes and desires are quietly extinguished until all that remains is a broken shell.  Only the strongest survive. Even then, the change is irreversible.  The scars remain unseen, but they are evident to those who know where to look.

In the Absence of Freedom, the cracks surrounding the Soul widen a little more each day.  Once vivid dreams eventually become distant memories.  Joy turns to sadness.   Laughter fades away.  Some turn to Faith.  Others to Darkness.  Salvation seems unattainable. Inevitably, the most hardened will shatter.

In the Absence of Freedom, your eyes become glazed.  Time is meaningless.  Trust is weakness.  Promises are made that might otherwise never be imagined.  The Devil drives a hard bargain.  You struggle to remain one step ahead at all times.  The only one fooled is yourself.

In the Absence of Freedom, the heart yearns for Life.   Silent screams go unheard. Madness is your bed fellow.  You concentrate on the little things.  Each one is a victory of sorts. Contact with the Free renews a sense of worth.  Purpose.  Perhaps Life does have meaning?

In the Absence of Freedom, only the Love of Another can pull you back from the brink of destruction.

Only then, will you be Free.