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In Search of that Elusive First Dollar

Published August 11, 2009 - 1 Comment

One thing is painfully obvious.  Anyone who says that you can start making tons of money online quickly and easily is full of crap.  Then again, I suppose that if you’re not really selling anything, that does sort of stunt your growth options, doesn’t it? At this point, the entire endeavour exists to learn the systems and start to get a feel for how things work.  Still, at some point the business aspect must move to the forefront, or else this becomes simply a massive consumer of time.  And time is one of those resources that has become more and more scarce. Best not to waste too much of it.

So now the push is on to make that first dollar.  Greenback.  Loonie.  Monopoly.  Whatever.  It doesn’t really matter.  PayPal donations don’t count; those are essentially begging for change from the dozen or so friends and family (and at least one “other”) who stop by to read up on what’s going on.  They’re certainly appreciated, but they’re not what this is all about. 

It’s time to shut off the cellphone and put this Business degree to good use.