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I’m Stuck! (repost)

Published September 15, 2011 - 0 Comments
[This was originally posted Jan 29, 2009]

As I write this, it’s a beautiful day out there. The sun is shining. The temperature isn’t too bad. I’m supposed to be in my English class write (har har) now, but I can’t seem to get out of my $%^&*()_+(*&^% driveway!

I have brand new snow tires, but evidential they’re crap on ice. And that’s what I’m stuck on. After paying $30 last week to have my driveway plowed, I decided to have him come automatically. This morning I woke up to yet another pile of snow out there. Schools were cancelled. I checked the cancellation line for the university. My course was not listed there. I woke up my poor mother and asked her to check online to see if my class was listed. Apparently that list hadn’t been updated since yesterday. Nice. So I packed my things and decided to take a drive into town.

My tires gripped the newly fallen snow like Velcro. It was amazing. I slowly, but steadily, pulled out of my driveway… and then like a complete newbie idiot, I stopped to check if anything was coming. That was the end of my momentum, and the end of me going anywhere. There WAS nothing coming, and I probably could have been able to tell that, had I been paying more attention earlier, rather than stopping to see.

I shoveled. I cursed. I put down kitty litter. I cursed some more. I had one of those rare moments of heated emotion where I even punched the steering wheel a few times, holding down the car horn button and cursing very loudly. I guess with everything going on, this was something that I really didn’t need. I got out and looked again… I was a mere foot or so from the safe pavement of the plowed road… yet both my front tires were spinning as if they were 20 feet off the ground. I’m pretty sure that if someone was steering my car, that I could push it out. It’s that close. It just needs an extra pair of hands, and perhaps a match. I’ll need to check with the insurance company to make sure that I’m covered for fire and theft.

I called the guy who plows my driveway, and left a message for him. There’s no way for him to get into my driveway with me parked where I am. I’m hoping that he can come sometime this morning and either pull me out the rest of the way, or at least steer my car. The guy is no spring chicken, so asking him to push it probably out of the question.

The good news is… if you’re reading this, I must have gotten out. Whether the Spectra makes it out in one piece is another story. But I can’t really blame this one on the car. It was more of a user-error than anything else.

I hate winter.