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I Want My Life Back, Beth Cooper!

Published November 29, 2009 - 0 Comments

I have a pretty high tolerance for those “coming of age” teenage flicks that seem to pepper the walls at Blockbuster.  But for every 1 American Pie there are 100 duds.  I Love You, Beth Cooper was definitely not one of the former.

I really wasn’t expecting an Oscar-winning performance, but I also wasn’t expecting to fall asleep in the middle of it.  It’s just so damn boring.  I’m not sure how much I missed in the middle, but it didn’t seem to affect the plotline at all.  Was there a plot?  Some guy publicly proclaims his love for the girl who’s ignored him all her life, during their highschool graduation ceremony…  and then the ‘hilarity’ ensues.  (cue snoring)  Even Hayden Panettiere seemed a little out of place in the whole thing.

Save your money.  Save your time.  Find something else to do.  Read a good book.  Read a horrible book!  At least reading exercises your mind, which is way more than I got from sitting on the couch for 2 hours watching this disaster.