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I Ventured Outside Today

Published January 23, 2011 - 1 Comment

Yeah!  I went outside today!  It was cold, but it was still nice to get out a little.  After the last couple of days cooped up inside, I really needed to get out of this place.  Fortunately, the stabbing pains in my chest have subsided quite a bit.  I still get them from time to time… a reminder that I’m still sick.  The biggest problem now is the pain in my back.  I’m assuming that it’s related to everything else that seems to be breaking down… although it could be from sleeping on the couch… that probably doesn’t help.  But mainly I think that it’s just part of the pneumonia refusing to go quietly.

I took the last of my 8 pills/day steroids.  Thankfully!  Those things are horrible.  I still have another 5 days of antibiotics to take, but they’re fine.

I just took my blood pressure reading for today… wow…  My doctor isn’t going to be pleased.  I’m going to assume that my fancy dancy blood pressure monitor is screwed up, and 175/107 isn’t the true reading…  yup.. that’s it… denial is my friend.  Head in the sand.  I suppose that I’m a little stressed today, but those numbers still seem a little high to me.  Then again, I haven’t taken THOSE pills yet today.. but one day shouldn’t really matter that much, right?

I’m going to go shovel the blood pressure pills into me now.  I should also put all my savings into pharmaceutical stocks… These things are great!