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I Keep Spelling “pneumonia” Wrong

Published January 20, 2011 - 5 Comments

I finally took the advice of.. oh… several people… and got myself into the clinic last evening. I called in sick again on my day shift because I couldn’t stop from coughing the day before.  Some days it seemed like it was getting better… and then I’d take another couple of steps back.  After 3 weeks enough was enough.

My first thought as I walked through the door and saw the big sign “Please remove boots and shoes” was CRAP!  I wasn’t expecting to have to remove my boots… and I really wasn’t happy about it either… But I sucked it up, put on my best “I’m secure in my manhood” face and removed my boots.  And even though I was able to put on the throw-away foot covers… well… I think I still looked more than a little… silly.

I sat in the waiting room and looked at the other people who were also waiting.  Most of them were parents with their small children.  That is one thing that I loved about having the clinics open years ago… they were awesome for taking your kids to.  So much better than driving all the way into the hospital (although I did that far too many times too!) when it wasn’t something urgent.

When it came my turn, I was a little worried that the doctor was simply going to say “suck it up, Mr Pink Socks… it’s just a bad cold.”  Surprisingly, that’s not what he said.  “I think you have pneumonia in your left lung, and you’ve probably had it all along (meaning the 3 weeks that I’ve been refusing to go get checked out)  Oh.  Well… that’s not good! He gave me some steroids and anti-biotics, and told my to take it easy… not to try out for any sports teams… I’ll never be sure, but I think he might have been mocking me.  I laughed though.  All told, I think I was in and out in 15 mins.  Not bad at all.

I didn’t have to wait very long at the pharmacy either.  Usually I drop off my meds, and tell them that I’ll pick them up the next day… unless it was something that the kids needed… or in this case, my lungs were crying out in pain.  I walked around Shoppers for 15 mins before the pharmacist called my name. She explained to me that both medications might upset my stomach, and to make sure that I took them with food… and no dairy products.  She also said that they should be taken at the same time every day.  I told her that I’m a shift worker, and I don’t do anything at the same time every day!  She also explained why one of the medicines said “Take 8 tablets once per day”.  Apparently they don’t come in a larger dosage, so to get the proper amount, I’d have to take a small fist of the things.  No problem.  I’m already taking 5 pills daily… why not add another 8 to the mix… plus the other medication.  For anyone not keeping track, that’s 14 pills…  I’m thinking of opening up my own pharmacy if anyone’s interested.

When I got home I popped some toast down, and took the first pair of those 8 pills.  I have never had pills that tasted so bad in my life!  Most pills taste like… pills!  They don’t have a taste.  Sure, you can chew them, and that would be gross… but if you put them in your mouth and take a sip of water, you don’t actually taste them.  NOT THESE LITTLE MONSTERS! As soon as they touch my tongue, it tastes horrible… really really bad… my roomie was laughing at me while I tried to get the 8 of them down… I don’t know if those are the anti-biotics or the steroids, but they’re miserable.

Anyway.. that’s my adventure for today.  I’m not going to work on my night shifts.  I’m going to just take it easy, get some reading and writing done, and hopefully get better!