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I am a Dumb Ass @ Times

Published September 19, 2010 - 5 Comments

A couple of months ago I bought a D-link DNS-323 RAID to add to my multimedia configuration.  Essentially it’s a box that houses 2 hard drives, and connects to the XBox 360 to serve music, movies, TV shows, and whatever other media content I want.  I can watch things on my big TV.  I can connect to it wirelessly to add/remove content.  My roomie can even stream from it to his laptop upstairs if he wants.  It was the solution for my ever increasing storage needs.  Only one problem… I was very slow in actually putting it together.  I took it out of the box, looked at it, and then set it back down.

Flash forward to the present, and I can’t find the $%^&*()_ power adapter for it!  Now that I think back, I think that there’s a very good chance that I either chucked the cord out, or sent it back with the kids.  I distinctly remember a day that I was looking at an usual power cord, wondering what it was for… it didn’t seem to fit anything that I was using… and I completely forgot about the D-Link sitting on the shelf.

Yes, I’ve looked around… I’ve even looked in the other house… I can’t find the damn thing.  I wasn’t really too worried since I figured that I could just order one on EBay… yeah, good luck with that.  I can’t find one anywhere.  I’ve written D-link support, but I’m not holding my breath.

This might have just been the worst $200 that I’ve ever spent.