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How To Save A Life

Published September 4, 2009 - 1 Comment

I found myself back in the gym again.  (Thanks for the pep talk, Jan.  Very inspirational!)  I woke up this afternoon, and couldn’t keep focused on anything.  Just one of those days.  Seemed like a great opportunity to go treading.

I don’t know who got the worst of that workout… me or the poor treadmill.  It was probably pretty comical to see me running on that thing today, but that’s exactly what I did. 

And when it was all over, I resisted the urge to walk down two floors to McDonalds.  Instead, I went for a walk outside.  Anything to de-stress before work.

I just made another appointment to try to give blood again.  I’ve been taking my blood pressure pills faithfully, so I’m hoping that my pressure is within normal range again.  The first time I tried to give blood, my pressure was quite high and they would not let me give.  They tried a few times to see if it was another case of “white coat syndrome” but no, it was just me being negligent with my pills, exercise, and eating better.

September 16th, here I come!