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House No More

Published August 16, 2011 - 2 Comments

Yesterday was an interesting day for me… I signed over “the house” to my ex.  Here, take it, it’s yours.  I’d forgotten how much paperwork is required for these matters.  I’m sure that I signed my name no fewer than 10 times.  Sometimes with my middle name included, sometimes not.

At the end of it… the house is no longer mine.  The mortgage is no longer mine.  I have no responsibility to the house whatsoever.  I offered my house and mail keys back to my ex.  She took the mail key, but told me to keep the house key because it would be easier when dealing with picking up the kids.  Makes sense, but I wanted her to know that it’s her house now.  For better or for worse.

I have an envelope full of photocopies from yesterday.  It represents a huge step forward in the ultimate divorce phase.  It’s also a bit of a reminder of our failures as a couple.

Everything happens for a reason… and I do not pretend to understand what any of those reasons are!