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HLC – Days 4 & 5

Published June 7, 2010 - 0 Comments

Things were a little hectic with the kids over this weekend, so I wasn’t able to update the blog as often as I normally would.  But here’s a run down of the progress so far.

Day 4 – I was up past midnight, and looking for something hot to drink.  I figured that a hot chocolate would be nice, but I didn’t have any mugs.  Not sure were they were… so I settled on Campbells’ chicken noodle soup, and some crackers.  I know that the sodium content in that stuff isn’t good.  I think that they’re supposed to be cutting it back gradually.  I also know that’s the most pathetic “chicken” I’ve ever seen.  I don’t even bother to eat it.  It looks gross.  At least I’ve started buying the unsalted crackers and not eating an entire package in one sitting.

After the kids got up, we started off with a nice brunch.  Because the world would fall apart if they actually agreed on anything, I cooked scrambled eggs and pancakes.  At least they both wanted bacon.  So that meant that I had a little bit of everything.  I was very proud of myself.  A small amount of eggs, a tiny pancake, and a couple of pieces of bacon.  Oh, and a glass of milk.  I don’t think that anyone would have any problems with that.

That was the day of my Coke attack.  I managed to push through that, but it wasn’t easy.  That’s the worst that it’s been, even including the time since.  (As a quick side-note, I did get a little leeway with regards to the Coke thing.  It was agreed that I could purchase a 6 pack of those tiny little 100 calorie cans for the month… for the times that I wanted a treat.  I haven’t gone to the store yet, but I think I will do that today.  It’s not to cheat.  Trust me, my roomie has a 2L of Coke in the fridge, and I haven’t touched it.)

For supper we had ham.  The kids wanted it sliced in the frying pan with brown sugar, like their mother makes.  This might not exactly fall within the guidelines, but I kept my portion under control.  I realize that it’s not just about cutting out all the bad stuff.  You’re looking at someone who likes to fill his plate with meat and potatoes, and go back for seconds.  That’s a big part of the problem too.  I can’t eat baby spinach every single day, so I need to eat some of the other things in moderation.  We also had mashed potatoes and canned corn.  It’s been pouring here… there hasn’t been much in the way of creativity going on.

Day 5 – I skipped breakfast.  (tsk tsk)  I was simply exhausted, and sort of mumbled at the kids to find something in the kitchen to tide them over.  They loved that. Free reign!  While they were busy opening boxes of cereal, I was lost in dreamland.  I’m having a hard time remember what (if anything) I had for lunch.  I know that I didn’t eat supper until 7pm, so I must have had something!  Think, Stephen.. think.  Cheese slice.  That’s what I had.  I made grilled cheese for the kids, and I had a cheese slice.  A thin one, at that.  How exciting.  No wonder I was hungry by the time supper rolled around.

I took the kids home, and swung by Subway.  This was my first fast food test.  Subway can be a healthy alternative to McDonalds or whatever else.  Or it can be just as bad, if not worse.  Typically I like to get a 12″ chipotle or sweet chicken teriyaki. Then I smother it with lettuce, pickles, onion, green pepper, and those hot banana peppers… and of course either southwest chipotle sauce, or sweet onion teriyaki.  About the only thing I do right is that I don’t get salt or pepper on it.  But I more than make up for that with the Coke and cookies/chips.

But not yesterday!  Nope.  Yesterday was a 6″ roast beef with lettuce, pickle, onion and light mayo.  No Coke.  No cookies.   No chips.  And all things considered, my stomach wasn’t growling after that.  It’s all about moderation.

I did notice that the new market was open, and decided to stop in and take a look around.  It’s been awhile since I’ve bought samosas, and I couldn’t resist picking up 4 of the tasty little treats.  I bought a bag of fresh rolls, and some green grapes.  It’s all good!

I had two of the samosas when I got home.  Sat there watching The Pacific with the roomie, while he drank Coke… oddly enough, it didn’t phase me at all.  It’s going to take some time, but as long as I’m moving in the right direction, I’m happy.

Now off to have those other two samosas for breakfast!