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HLC – Day 3

Published June 5, 2010 - 0 Comments

Today I picked up the kids for the weekend.  It’s a little hard to feed them salad and spinach.  I don’t think that would go over all that well.  I should ask them, though.

My first meal of the day was supper.  That’s what happens when you wake up after 2pm.  We had a McCain pizza.  I had a third of it, and a glass of juice.  I started to get the munchies a little later though, and had a slice of toast.  It probably didn’t help that I snuck a scoop of peanut butter out of the jar while I was waiting for the bread to toast.  But hey, I was hungry.  I’m used to eating a little more pizza than that.  And considering I watched my roomie eat an entire pizza by himself and then go to bed… I didn’t think that I was that bad.  (He doesn’t read the blog anymore.  So I can make fun of him if I want.  To protect his identity, I shall assign him a randomly selected pseudonym… I shall call him “Pauline”. )

The most amazing thing about today was probably the fact that when my uncle and cousin (who had come up to mow the back part of the massive yard) were thirsty, I poured them each a glass of Coke… and it didn’t even occur to me to pour myself a glass!  Seriously.  It wasn’t until later  that I realized what had happened.

As for exercise, I pushed a mower through some of the thickest grass I’ve ever had the displeasure of trying to mow.  That’s my exercise for today!  And if you don’t think that’s enough, I invite you to come here sometime and help me.  My treat for the night included soaking in the old tub, listening to music, and eating a giant Crush Lime freezie (100 calories).