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Hammock Life 101

Published June 28, 2017 - 2 Comments

Warning: Using this product may result in an uncontrollable desire to nap frequently during the day, leading to a significant decline in personal productivity.

Quite a few years ago I bought myself a hammock. I enjoyed it, but it didn’t last very long. I actually put my hand through it while trying to push myself up. It was woven and once my hand broke one of the weaves, that was it. It was useless after that.

Fast forward to present day, and I decided that enough time had passed… I was going to try another hammock! I figured that Costco would be the obvious choice to pick one up, but then I decided to search Amazon. I’ve been buying a lot of things from Amazon. Why not a hammock?


Amazon carries a wide variety of hammocks with many different price points. I was looking for something in the $100 range. You can certainly go much higher, but I felt that $100 was a good place to start looking. This wasn’t just $100 to throw away. This would be my birthday gift to myself. I’m worth $100, right?

I settled on the Ohuhu Double Hammock and added it to my Wishlist. Then I added my Wishlist to Keepa.com, which tracks the prices of Amazon items and automatically alerts you if the price of something has changed. It’s incredibly useful for seeing pricing trends and will even give you an idea if the item in question NEVER goes on sale. It’s unlikely, but it does happen. If the price graph going back one year is flat, don’t bother waiting for a sale. If you use the Amazon marketplace and aren’t using Keepa.com there’s a good chance you’re paying too much. Oh, and it’s free, so why wouldn’t you use it?

Amazon Prime is an amazing service. 2 Day Shipping on nearly everything! Sure you aren't paying for Prime membership, you might still be able to find something a little cheaper, but then you have to pay for shipping, and I bet you end up paying as much or slightly more. My general rule of thumb when it comes to Amazon, filter out any non-Prime results and stick to Prime-eligeable sources only. I’ve had to ignore that if there’s something that I've wanted that just wasn't available through Prime, but most times it’s worked well for me. And this was one of those times! That’s a very long-winded way of saying “Two days later, there was a large box on my doorstep!”.

And there it sat. Well… I brought it into the house. And THERE it sat.

My initial enthusiasm in ordering the hammock didn’t translate well into actually taking it out of the box and installing it. (Little known fact, I hate putting things together… toys, furniture, hammocks… my version of Hell consists of me working in an IKEA while Justin Bieber’s Baby plays through store speakers… For. All. Eternity.)

Then this past weekend I was giving the kids a few tasks to complete, and I had one of those lightbulb moments. “And set the hammock up on the back deck”.  What better way to get something done than by offering them a chance to display teamwork, while working toward a goal that only one of them could enjoy at a time!  Brilliant.

Actually it wasn't too bad.  The actually did work together.  There were no tools required, and I think they had it all put together in about 20 mins. That's 2 hours in Stephen Procrastination Land.  

And now for the big test.  I'm almost a little sad that no one was recording this because it had the makings of a viral video on YouTube. The very instant I sat my ass down I was unceremoniously dumped  backwards, landing hard on my back with my legs still dangling over the hammock.  There was no warning.  No graceful controlled fall.  Just a swift thump followed by some giggling and the kids asking me if I was ok.  Oh... and a pair of dachshunds who decided to use the opportunity to begin licking my face since I was now at their level.

First impressions... not a fan!


Let's just say that I'm a tad bit more cautious now when I get into the hammock.  I've yet to have any further problems getting in, but I will say that I might benefit from a course on how to get out of it properly.  I've tried a few different methods, and it still usually ends up with me falling (although much more gracefully) my knees and then struggling to stand up.  

But while I'm IN there... ahhhh... that's the life!  There is something to be said for laying suspended in the air.  I've fallen asleep twice and keep contemplating trying to stay out there for a night.  If it wasn't for the mosquitoes I am sure I would have tried it by now.

Second impression...  Why did I wait so long to get one of these?


As for the children... my daughter who stated that she really didn't have an interest in a hammock is now the official hammock-hog.  She's tiny so the sides just fold up over her completely, and she loves it.  If she wants to read she just positions herself so one of the sides stays down.  And she's there for hours.  My son would tell you that he hasn't had much of an opportunity to try it out, but that's not exactly true.  He's doing just fine.  And me?  I'm kicking myself for having waited as long as I did both to buy, and outsource the installation of the hammock.  It's fantastic for lazy afternoons, and I might as well throw away my Fitbit because the hammock is way more fun! 

Oh, and I'm considering getting a second one.  I know that it will be something that gets a lot of use, even after the weather forces me to bring it inside.  Wouldn't it be awesome to be curled up in a hammock downstairs with the wood-stove in the middle of winter?  I'm betting on it!

The original hammock that I purchased was the Ohuhu Double Hammock with steel stand.  When I was preparing this post, I noticed that hammock is no longer available through Amazon.  Instead they have this one which to me looks to be identical to what I ordered.  

Amazon's House of Hammocks

The original hammock that I purchased was the Ohuhu Double Hammock with steel stand. When I was preparing this post, I noticed that hammock is no longer available through Amazon. Instead they have this one which to me looks to be identical to what I ordered. Vivere Double Tropical Hammock. It is more expensive, but if you are an Amazon Prime member you get a considerable discount.