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Greyhound Online Auction Fundraiser

Published July 2, 2009 - 0 Comments

The annual MGAP (Maritime Greyhound Adoption Program) online auction is underway, and I offered to help spread the word.  It’s for a great (or grey’t, as my Mother likes to write) cause.  My parents are heavily involved with the group that locates families to adopt these dogs after they are no longer raceing-worthy.  They currently have 3 of their own, and have helped foster many more over the years, so I’ve seen first-hand the kind of work that they do, and the great dogs that they’ve helped save.

There are some pretty interesting things up for auction.  Much of it is greyhound-based, but certainly not all of it.  If I didn’t already own a panini grill, I would certainly be interested in bidding on the one listed.

If you’re interested in supporting a worthy cause, please take a look at this link.  Thanks!