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Great Customer Service Story: Greco Pizza

Published December 24, 2012 - 1 Comment

I don’t want anyone to think that I only post the bad customer service stories.  I’m an equal opportunity customer service blogger!  🙂

So here’s the back story… Greco Pizza has a points system by which every item you purchase gives you a certain number of points that you can then exchange for free food… starting at a donair, and working up to a party pizza, depending on the amount of points.  They’ve had this system in place for as long as I can remember, and over the years I’ve probably cashed in my points 2 or 3 times.

A month ago Jess and I stopped in for donairs, and when I asked the lady how many points I now had, she informed me that I had none.  Not only did I not have any points, there was no account listed under my name or phone number.  What?

No sense in freaking out over it.  I decided to send an email to the customer contact address on Greco.ca.  Within an hour I had a response asking me for more information, which I provided.  It took about a week, when I received another email… this time from the manager of the local Greco store, asking me to call.  Cindy was wonderful.. when she asked me how many points I had, I honestly couldn’t tell her.  All I knew is that I had more than the oven sub, but fewer than the party pizza.  She offered me a 15″ pizza and put it in her book for the next time I ordered.  Simple as that.  They were unable to determine what happened to my original account, but found a resolution to my problem.

And here’s the important part…

It’s more than just a free pizza.  Actually you could argue that I’d already paid for that pizza anyway because I had accumulated almost enough points on my own… the manager was simply giving me what was already due to me.  And that’s great, because I wasn’t looking for anything other than to recover my lost points.  But more than the pizza.. it was the entire customer experience…  No one ever questioned me, or made me feel like I might be trying to scam them.  Must be that trusting face again!  (Except that this was all through email / telephone.)  They dealt with my problem professionally… and in doing so secured my loyalty.  There are a lot of pizza places out there… but I already know where I’m ordering from.

Great job, Greco Pizza!