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Goodbye Shawn… You Had Your Chance… You Blew It…

Published September 28, 2010 - 2 Comments

Is anyone really surprised?  I’m not!  Well Shawn Graham… you had your chance, and you blew it.  42 Conservative seats to 13 Liberal ones?  I’m not surprised about that.  I AM a little surprised that the popular vote was as close as it was…   49% for the Conservatives compared to to 34% for the Liberals.  (I’m rounding here).  I find it hard to imagine that a third of New Brunswickers voted Liberal, but hey… it’s quite possible that there are still some good Liberal MLAs out there who deserve another chance.  Just not the leadership!  I was quite happy to see that Dr Jim Parrott trounced Jack Keir in my riding.  Quite satisfying, actually.

That’s all I really want to say about that.  I don’t expect much from the next 4 years… I’m just hoping that the Conservatives don’t screw it up too badly, and the Liberals use the time to get their act together, find a real leader, and come back strong in 2014.

On a final note… I was very pleasantly surprised to learn today that my ranting about the importance of the political process stirred at least one person to vote for the first time.  Regardless of your personal political persuasion, I fully believe that the process is too important to ignore.  As I saw tweeted this morning, too many places in the world do not afford their citizens the right to vote… we take that for granted, and it saddens me when friends of mine don’t even bother to exercise their electoral rights.  It’s not hard, people.  Yes, the system is not perfect.  But it’s what we have, and it’s worth remembering how blessed we are to live in a country that values democracy… even with all it’s imperfections.

Congratulations, Mr Alward. The People have spoken.

[I am going to miss the little bump in traffic that the election has brought to the blog.  I’ve noticed people following the link in #NBvotes, as well as google searches for “NB Election blogs”.  Maybe some of that will translate into regular readers… we’ll see!]
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