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Good Ole CAA

Published April 16, 2011 - 11 Comments

My CAA membership expires at the end of the month. I’d never really considered NOT renewing it, but I wasn’t sure if I would bother to renew it immediately. I’ve had a change of heart!

The brakes on the Kia seemed a little soft last night but it could have simply been my imagination.

As I drove home tonight, and exited the highway, I touched the brake pedal. The car started to shake violently. And then the brake went dead. I pushed the pedal to the floor but the car wasn’t stopping.

Thankfully there was no one ahead of me, and the exit ramp is long enough that I could easily gear down before getting to the stop sign. I proceeded a little further and tried the brake a few times. Nothing. I could gear down to slow myself but I’d never be able to stop the car if I had to. Not good.

And of course this is Saturday night. Again. No one is going to be able to look at my car until Monday morning. Again. I’m serious. If you look at the posts regarding car breakdowns there are a freakish number that occur on Saturday or Sunday. It’s nuts.

Anyway, I called the roomie to come pick me up and CAA to come take the car away. My mechanic will be thrilled to see it back again. Might as well change the oil and put the new windshield wipers on while he’s at it!

I’m glad that my car is paid for and that I’m able to set aside a little money on a monthly basis in the event that thing like this happen.

I guess I’ll find out what the damage is on Monday. And I’ll have to get up early tomorrow to walk to work! Just my luck it’ll probably rain. Or snow.

Good times.