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Good Luck Steve!

Published April 21, 2013 - 13 Comments

I had a thought about something in the shower this morning… no.. don’t go there… keep reading…   It occurred to me… ever see the movie Good Luck Chuck?  I’M CHUCK!

Chuck is the guy who women want to be with because once you’re with Chuck, you are guaranteed to find your true love next!  It’s his curse… no one expects to spend the rest of their life with Chuck… they only want to be with him long enough to find Mr Right.

I started doing the math… every woman I’ve had any sort of relationship with in the last 6 years has gone on to get married or is still in a serious longterm relationship that will probably culminate in marriage at some point.  Hell, my ex wife didn’t even wait until our divorce was finalized before she had another baby and was married shortly after the ink on our papers dried.  K1?  Married.  K2?  Long term live-in relationship.  C?  Working on the long term.  K3?  Moved in with boyfriend over a year ago.  J1?  Got married almost immediately after meeting the guy within weeks of us breaking up.   J2?  Give it time… She’s a real catch, and won’t be single long…  Even some of my mini-crushes have moved onto great things!  Another K is now happily married!  Yet another K (I wish I was making this up… it’s true.. I am cursed with Ks) is in a longterm live-in relationship and not going anywhere.

So ladies, if you want to meet the man of your dreams… or want to validate that you might already be with him… give me a call.  My success (or failure, depending on your point of view) rate is pretty damn good.  It’s funny (and sad) because it’s true.  Every single one of those women has left a relationship with me, and is now with Mr Right.

Who’s next?