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Glee Breaks Beatles’ Chart Record? Sad…

Published November 4, 2010 - 3 Comments

I sat down to read my latest copy of Rolling Stone and on page 19, I took a long breath…

With six new entries on this week’s Hot 100, thanks to their Britney Spears-themed episode, Glee has toppled the Beatles’ four-decade old record for most singles placed on the chart by a group.”

OK, I know that I’m not the only one who sees a huge problem with this.  In fact, I had already heard this on TMZ but had forgotten to blog about it, until I read that article tonight.


Don’t get me wrong… I like many of their versions, and have even purchased a couple of them through iTunes.  Ironically, I’m listening to I Want To Hold Your Hand right now, and I really enjoy the Glee version.  I’ve never heard the song slowed down like that before (I’m told that they’re not the first to do that, but it’s the first I’ve heard it) and I think that it’s great.  So having said that, I fully realize that I’m part of the problem.  My purchase of that song helped put it on the Hot 100.  You’re right.

But here’s my point.

I don’t think that the Glee cast is a music group.  Yes, they are obviously talented, and someday I expect to see many of them doing their own thing.  Then we’ll see how well they do.  But when they are able to release half a dozen songs every week… and not just any songs… popular, established, hit songs…  What next?  Will my old Mini-Pops cassettes be re-released, and suddenly there are 30 covers of Michael Jackson and Cyndi Lauper songs back on the Hot 100?  I don’t even know if those Glee songs make it onto the radio!  I’m sure that they must somewhere, but I don’t believe that I’ve ever heard a single one.

The whole system is flawed.

The Beatles’ music is timeless.  Hence why they’re being sung by the Glee cast in the first place.  That music has been around for 40 years and will be around for a lot longer.

What are the chances that any of us are even going to remember Glee in 40 years?

Yeah, that’s what I thought…