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Giving Up on 123LinkIt.com

Published June 19, 2010 - 6 Comments

It seemed like a fantastic little plugin for WordPress.  Install the 123Linkit plugin, create an account at 123linkit.com, configure your API keys on the blog, write your post, and click the Add Affiliate button at the bottom of the post.  Supposedly the program would scan your blog post for relevant keywords and generate a list of advertisers with embedded links directly into your post.  If someone clicked on the link, you would receive a small amount.  123Linkit would act as a middleman between the blogger and the affiliate programs.  Sounded wonderful in theory, but I have not been able to get a single affiliate link to appear anywhere on the blog.  I’ve tried and tried.  I don’t get an error.  I just get nothing!  If I write a post that doesn’t have appropriate keywords, it will tell me that it found no relevant keywords.  That part works.  But I have written a few posts specifically for 123Linkit, using keywords that I get from their website… and nothing.  No error.  Just nothing happens.  Maybe it was a time delayed thing?  Nope.  Just nothing appears.

So I’m done playing with this.  I’ll look at something else instead.

[edited:  Things got much better after this.  Please read all the related posts, or try 123Linkit for yourself!]