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Giving MyFitnessPal.com an Honest Try

Published October 20, 2011 - 9 Comments

I recently got suckered into joining MyFitnessPal.com.  Yup, you read that correctly.  MyFitnessPal.com.  If you’re wondering what that is, the easiest way for me to explain it is Facebook for people trying to lose weight and be healthier.  There are plenty of sites that you can use to track your calorie intake, exercise, calories burnt, etc… MyFitnessPal.com goes a little further by adding the element of social networking.  I’m sure that they’re not the only ones to do this, but this post isn’t a review article… it’s simply a quick overview of what I’m doing now.

So I can thank Erin for getting me to join the site.  She wanted a “Pal” to join, so we could help motivate each other.  Sounds good in theory!  They always say that people are more likely to stick to a diet or exercise plan if they have a partner.  And MyFitnessPal.com makes it easy to help support and motivate each other.  You can comment on your friend’s posting, share stories, tips, anything you want as long as it is relevant to the site’s theme of losing weight and being healthy.

MyFitnessPal.com makes it super simple to track your food and exercise.  Their database of foods is extensive, and if you can’t find something, you can upload the nutritional information yourself to create an entry.  If you have an iDevice, you can download the MyFitnessPal app which not only syncs with your account, but also allows you to scan bar codes on your food containers and automatically input the information for you!  Very cool.  (I am not 100% certain, but I believe I read that there is an App for Android users as well)

Like anything else, MyFitnessPal.com is only as good as the person using it.  If you are honest with the information you give it, you will get honest feedback.  I’ve entered 3 days worth of data, and only one of those days did I come in under the calorie goal, and only because I was sleeping most of the day as I went into my night shift.  I suppose that I could fudge the numbers but what’s the point of that?

I’ve sent out a few “friend invites” to people who I thought might be interested in the site, either for themselves, or to become “nags” for me.  You can get a very detailed report of my food diary and exercise habits.  One of those is better than the other… I’ll let you figure out which!  🙂