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Gives You Hell?

Published January 8, 2010 - 0 Comments

Last week I listened to the Top 97 songs of 2009 on 97.3 The Wave.  Well, not ALL of the songs.  I turned on the radio for a stretch, and then went and did something else.  Then they replayed the countdown the next day, and I listened to the end part of it… enough to catch the top songs of the year…

For as long as I can remember, I don’t think that I’ve ever come close to picking the top song for any particular year.  The songs that I like are all in the countdown, but I’m almost always left scratching my head when it comes to the number 1 song.

This year, the most played song was Right Round by Flo Rida.  Although this wouldn’t have been my first choice, I could kinda see where they were coming from.  During the spring/summer months it seemed that you couldn’t turn on your radio without having Right Round come on.  And it was a little more than annoying that the younger DJs didn’t seem to initially realize that the song was not an original, but very much borrowed from the old Dead or Alive song You Spin Me Right Round.  Youth.  Go figure.

But it was actually the second most played song that surprised me more than anything.  Gives You Hell by the The All American Rejects.  Really?  I mean, it’s catchy and all.  But was it really on the air more than all but one other song?  And I’m pretty sure that they mentioned that Gives You Hell was the top song in Canada, but not in Saint John. 

Listen to the lyrics sometime…   I’m guessing that there were a lot of bad breakups in 2009!