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Getting Ready for Apple’s Big Announcement!

Published October 4, 2011 - 2 Comments

Today is the day that Apple is expected to announce the new iPhone… or, as I like to call it… “The phone that I am going to run out and buy Day 1, before I smash this other piece of shit Motorola Q against a brick wall“…  Whether they decide to call it iPhone 4GS, or iPhone 5… I don’t care.  I want one.  Hell, I need one!  Yes, it truly is a need.  Maslow would agree.  Sitting right up there at the top of his Hierarchy of Needs sits the new iPhone.  Wrapped in bubble wrap…

Cuz bubble wrap is what I’m going to have to encase around this thing to stop me from dropping it and crying like a big baby again.  (twice!)

I finish work around 7am… and then sleep as long as I can… so I am going to miss the announcement, but rest assured… when I wake up, I will check my RSS reader for information on what’s coming out!  Analysts expect that the units will ship before the end of this month… and I will be on the phone with Bell trying to find out what kind of hardware upgrade credit (if any) I am eligible for.

Cross your fingers!