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Gas Prices Went DOWN??

Published June 25, 2009 - 1 Comment

It’s Thursday, so it’s time to play “How Much Did Gas Go Up Now?”. Since the government brought in gas regulation more than a year ago, it’s become a bit of a game trying to figure out which way the price/litre is moving on any given Thursday.  Tis the season for sunshine, camping trips and long scenic drives, so it’s really only a given that the price of gas goes up, way up.  And that’s precisely what many people thought last night as they swarmed the pumps before the weekly price adjustment took effect at midnight.

One of the guys at work went down to wait in line for his gas.  I couldn’t be bothered.  I’ve never been much of a person to wait in line, and my sanity is worth more to me than saving a couple of dollars.  Yes, I’m well aware that a prudent consumer would not hesitate to sit in that line, but I figure that I’ve blown money on all sorts of useless purchases over the years, and I’m not about to wait to fill up my tank.

So at 4am I went out for my break and filled up.  Obviously I wasn’t too worried about a line at that hour.

As I was standing there, pumping my gas, I looked at the price.  $1.007/litre.  Hmm… that’s odd.  It was $1.039/litre before midnight. So it actually went DOWN by over 3 cents? This can not be!  What about all those people (including my co-worker) who had braved the crowds and sat there with their engines idling away because they didn’t want to pay more?

Hmm.. I guess they were wrong.

I could have gone back to work and simply told my co-worker that the price had decreased. He probably would have grumbled a little, and pointed out that his “plan” works most times.  I’m sure that it does.  But that wouldn’t have been much fun.  No, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to get a rare dig in.

When I got back to the office he asked me how much I had paid for gas.

“A buck-ten” I told him.

Wow.  The gloating came on instantly!  “I told ya! Should have listened to me!  You should have gone down before midnight”.

I just sat back and enjoyed the anticipation of the moment where I would dash his spirits.  Finally I could not wait any longer.

“Oh, did I say a buck-ten? I’m sorry.  I was never very good at math.  Actually it was just over a dollar… oops.. sorry”

The look on his face.  I wish I had a camera.

That’s ok though.  I have no doubt that next Thursday the pricing anomaly will have corrected itself, and it’ll probably be up 6 cents.

And if you’re curious where the cheapest gas in the province is, try this site.  (It’s incredibly hard to see that there’s a link there, with this theme, and I don’t plan on keeping this one long, but I thought that it was interesting and wanted to showcase it for a period of time)