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Published October 28, 2009 - 1 Comment

I saw something interesting come through on my Twitterfeed today.  Freespots is a network of free public wireless access points throughout the greater Saint John, NB area.  The site has a fairly lengthy list of participating locations, and includes a Google maps view for easy reference.  Most of these locations are local restaurants, but there are still a couple of general areas where one can go and sit and not feel obligated to purchase something.   I even noticed a car dealership on the list, which would have been perfect when I had to sit and wait for hours while my car was being serviced.  Unfortunately I don’t drive a Mercedes.  Yet! :lol: (Actually, the Lexus dealership had better be on this list soon, or I won’t be impressed, when it comes time to get my new car. You’re on notice, Lexus!)

It’s nice to see an initiative like this start to gain some traction in our fair city.  I hope that it continues to grow, and prove profitable for the local businesses offering this useful service.