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Follow up: Kia’s Inflated Mileage Claims

Published November 21, 2012 - 0 Comments

Last week I wrote about Kia’s Inflated Mileage Claims. After taking my Sportage to the dealership yesterday, I thought it only fair that I post a follow up.

First, I had omitted the fact that some Hyundai vehicles were also affected by inflated mileage claims.  This makes sense, as Hyundai owns Kia.

Second… and most important… apparently this reimbursement is a yearly occurrence!  I had assumed that it was merely a one time only adjustment.  Well.. you know what happens when you assume.  I was wrong.

I should be receiving my gas card for almost $40 in the mail sometime over the next couple of weeks.  Not too bad for only having 8432 kms on the car.  This time next year I will have considerably more… and that will be reflected in the next gas card.  And every year for as long as I own the car!  And if I sell the car to someone else, that transfers with the car, so it’s pretty sweet.