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Fitness Update: The Ides of March

Published March 16, 2012 - 1 Comment

I discovered something interesting today… My treadmill inclines while I’m on it!

I always knew that it had a setting to increase the incline, but I’ve never been bothered with it.  I always assumed that it was something that you set prior to getting on it, and was quite surprised today when it started to incline automatically!  Then again… I think it was probably more surprised that I was even using the treadmill…  I haven’t exactly been wearing it out lately.

Rather than using the straight “manual” setting, I’ve started to experiment with some of the pre-programmed settings.  Today I did 45 mins of “weight loss” which basically alternates me through a walk and slow jog, burning a whopping 182 calories… or slightly more than a can of Coke.

Then for fun, I thought I would try something called “fat blast”.  I set it for 15 mins because I was honestly assuming that it was going to have me going on a sprint, and I didn’t think that I could handle anything like that.  But no, it maintained a steady walking pace for the duration of the program, but increased the incline every couple of minutes.  Each increase was very small, but by the 5th one, I certainly noticed the difference.  At the end of 15 mins, I had blasted away 78 calories.  Wow.  It’s amazing how quickly you can consume calories, yet after a full 60 mins on the treadmill, only 260 calories were used?  I understand that my pace isn’t exactly spectacular, but still.  Ah well.. it’s a starting point!

As I stepped onto the scale again and noticed that I was up 2 pounds since the last time, it occurred to me that I really have to make an effort to be much more consistent.  Having a good day here or there doesn’t really make a difference.  Not when a bad day can easily wipe out any progress that I’ve made.  And several bad days in a row… well… forget about it.

So I’m off to find something to eat!  I took chicken out for supper, but it isn’t nearly thawed enough, so it looks like I’ll be having that tomorrow instead.  But what to have in the meantime?  Surely there must be something reasonably healthy tucked away there somewhere…  maybe….