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First Snowfall of the 2010 Season

Published November 21, 2010 - 4 Comments

Daddy!  Daddy!

I could hear them running up the stairs.  I actually thought that something might be wrong.  They seemed pretty serious.  Whatever it was, it had better be good  to be waking me up from my slumber so early in the morning…



Really?  That’s the emergency?  That’s what you woke me up for?  No freak accident?  No blood?  No Publisher’s Clearing House Sweepstakes man with a cheque for a million dollars at the door?  Snow?  Haven’t we seen snow before?  It’s not such a fond memory, is it?

Well apparently my interpretation of the current weather differs slightly from that of my kids.  They see snow and get giddy with excitement.  I see it and think “Shit, I need to get my winter tires on the car…”

In a flash they had their coats on, and were outside making snowballs.  My son came back in and asked me if I would go outside with them.

“Come back in June”, I told him.  All I really wanted to do was roll over and go back to sleep.  Unfortunately for me, they had different plans.

I didn’t stay outside long.  I took a few pictures…  Helped my daughter make an 8″ snowman on the patio table that I should really have brought in already…  Threatened my son with a lifetime of hard labour if he dared to throw his snowball at me… and beat it back inside before frostbite set in.  I think that I’m becoming even more of a wimp in my old age.

I was really counting on the idea that the snow would be short-lived, and gone by lunch time.  Well… it’s now 3:22am and not only is it still there… but I’m pretty sure that there’s even more of it on the ground now.  Lovely.

Now I’m really going to have to get those winter tires on…  🙁