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Facebook is Worth $50B ? Yeah… OK…

Published January 5, 2011 - 2 Comments

I have to ask myself… what kind of world do we live in where a company that essentially consists of a whole bunch of computer servers is valued at $50 Billion?  Despite my personal dislike for the site (I’m ready to turn my account off again, except that I’m getting slaughtered in a couple of their Scrabble-clone games), I willfully acknowledge that Facebook is the king of all social networking.  Period.  It’s essentially become a worldwide phonebook, and if you’re not part of that network people seem to think that there’s something wrong with you.  So it’s a powerhouse.  I get that.  A zillion users logging in to share photos, send messages, play silly games, and creep anyone who doesn’t have their security settings set to block strangers… or even friends.  Facebook is the King of the sandbox, and maybe rightly so.

But $50 BILLION?  Really?  I thought that the days of hyper-valued IT .coms were over…  I realize that the money follows the eyeballs… and Facebook has a ridiculous number of eyeballs locked onto it.  But $50 Billion?  I have a difficult time wrapping my brain around that number.

It just seems wrong to me.