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Enter title here. No, What if I Don’t Want to Enter my Title There???

Published January 20, 2011 - 2 Comments

Thesis Theme for WordPress:  Options Galore and a Helpful Support CommunityI always thought it was funny that WordPress tells me to enter my title there… Where else am I going to enter it?  It’s the title bar!  Geesh…

I think that I’m done screwing with the layout for the blog now.  At least until some holiday theme comes out that I can easily switch over to, and not have it ruin my Thesis options.  Like I’ve said before, the Thesis theme is great… it’s rock-solid… but it’s also boring as hell… If I had some programming skills, I could modify it to look better, but I don’t.  So I found a free Thesis skin to kind of give it a little more life.  And that’s pretty much the only thing that I’m going to do with it visually.

On the back-end, I’ve been re-categorizing things… there are new categories about to be introduced, and a couple of new pages (not posts) set to go live as soon as I get them up to where I want them.  I’ve decided not to break a sweat with WaS.  It’s just a place for me to throw out my thoughts, and connect with a few readers.  I’m going to start putting more time into other projects.

I’m not getting any younger, ya know.  🙁