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Driving Mad

Published August 18, 2009 - 0 Comments

I don’t know how some people get (or keep) their driver’s licenses.  Having said that, yes, I’ve made mistakes, been careless, and am not always the picture perfect driver that I should be.  I try not to do anything TOO idiotic, so I can still hold my head high when I see morons like what I’m about to describe.

After I left work last night, I got on the highway and headed home.  A pickup truck (why is it always a pickup truck in my stories?) started to pass me, and when he was directly beside me, started to cross the line back into my lane.  At first I thought that he was simply weaving, but then I realized that he was definitely intentionally moving over.  I was probably in his blind spot at that point, but c’mon… he was PASSING me.  He obviously knew that I was in that lane!  I slammed my hand onto the horn, but it didn’t seem to make any difference.  Thankfully there was a good sized “pull over” lane that I was able to get into before he hit the side of me.

So then I was behind this idiot, and noticed that the back of his pickup truck was filled with boxes and stuff.  An SUV passed me, then passed the pickup truck, and the driver of the truck gave the SUV the finger.  They must’ve had some sort of run-in earlier.  To make matters worse, two large white styrofoam boxes caught wind and flew out the back of his truck, and once again I swerved into the pull over lane.  I was seriously preparing my own greeting for this guy when the highway divided, and he went the other way.