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Down With Webster – Your Man

Published May 28, 2010 - 0 Comments

Geeze I love some of the new Canadian music content that’s been coming out lately.  Some of the songs at the top of my play list are by Canadian artists that I’d never even heard of until fairly recently.  Groups like Down With Webster, Hedley, and Mariana’s Trench are putting out some great songs… and some damn funny videos!

I love the cheesy game show host in this video for Your Man.  My only complaint with the song is that it’s just not long enough.  At 2:49, that seems too short.  A good song length should be around 3:30, not that you want the lyrics to repeat simply for the sake of making it longer.  But a song that’s not even a full 3 minutes?  I wish that they had added a little bit more to it.  Maybe that’s why it’s such a fast climber on my iPod.. it’s just so short that I keep pressing the play button to make it seem longer!