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Domain Renewal Time? Oops!

Published May 24, 2010 - 0 Comments

So I’m sitting here checking the blog logs (just try saying THAT 5 times fast.. blog logs, blog logs.. I can’t even  type it without going back and correcting it!) and when I did a refresh, suddenly I had a big GoDaddy logo on the screen, and some message about my domain name having expired.


I knew that it was right around this time.  This blog was essentially a birthday present to myself, so I knew that it should be coming up.  I also knew that GoDaddy would send me a reminder notice that the date was getting close.  Right?  Sure they would.  So where the hell was my reminder notice?

After playing “What’s my password?” on the GoDaddy admin screen for awhile (note to self: learn to write these things down, or invest in Roboform) I finally got logged in, and realized WHY my domain name had expired without me having received any forewarning.

I changed my email address last year and forgot to tell them.


So I guess that I can’t be too upset with them, considering that it was entirely my fault.  I also noticed that I have several domains expiring soon… most of which I registered and didn’t do a damn thing with.  I think that it’s time to sit down and do a self-assessment again.  Determine whether these domains are worth renewing, and if so, how I am going to incorporate them into the big scheme of things.  I certainly have ideas floating around in my head, but ideas don’t pay the bills unless they are turned into something tangible.

But that’s the explanation as to why you may have popped over here earlier today and been greeted with the evil GoDaddy dude, rather than my humbled rantings.

Happy Victoria Day, Canada!