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Days are Getting a Little Longer…

Published January 10, 2010 - 0 Comments

I noticed something this morning as I was fumbling in the dark to find the right house key… it wasn’t as pitch black as it has been!  There sure wasn’t nearly enough light for my liking, but the days are finally getting a little longer.  I remarked the same thing when I came in for my night shift after supper.  There was a bluish tinge to the western sky that I hadn’t really noticed in awhile. 

It was sooo nice to think that there might be an end (albeit not any time soon) to winter.  Can’t stand the cold.  Not a fan of the snow.  But the other thing that I forget until it happens..   getting up and going to work in the dark, and coming home in the dark.  12 hour shifts are great for giving me extended periods of time off, but during the times that I DO work, it’s possible for me to go a couple of days without ever really seeing the daylight.  I don’t tend to leave me desk very often, and we don’t have windows here, so unless I make an effort to go outside while I’m working.. I’m just not going to see the sun.

That’s probably not healthy.  For me, anyway.  At least I don’t live up north where I’d almost never see the sun during certain times of the year!