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Credit Counseling Services of Atlantic Canada

Published January 13, 2010 - 1 Comment

My only regret is that I didn’t go see them sooner.  Through a combination of bad decisions, and poorly-timed circumstances, some of which were completely outside my control, I watched my debt increase astronomically.  It’s pretty bad when you have to put groceries and diapers on your credit card, and are constantly transferring balances from your cards to a line of credit.  There just never seemed to be enough time to catch up.  It wasn’t easy to turn to them for help.  But it was the right decision.

I was so impressed with CCS that I chose it as the topic of my report for a Personal Finance class in university a couple of years ago.  I was then asked to present that report to the rest of the class, as they were a little younger than me, and perhaps my experiences might help them realize the dangers of taking on too much, too quickly.

Well, my debt has been officially paid off since October, but it still takes time for everything to work its way through the financial system.  This afternoon I had my exit-interview.  My counselor was all smiles.  How is everything?  Everything’s great!  Couldn’t be better.  Do I need help with a budget?  Nope.  Got it all under control, thanks.  Do I want to get another pre-approved small balance credit card to help re-establish my credit?  Sure do, thanks!

It’s all good in Credit Land.  Sunshine and butterflies.  Rainbows and lollipops.

Many things have changed since I first found myself in debt trouble years ago.  There’s no point in getting into all of it, but suffice to say… I won’t be making some of those same mistakes again.  And as for the things outside my control, well I wouldn’t say that I have a contingency fund large enough to sustain me for any great length of time… but I’m working on it.

Never again…