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Complications After Vasectomy

Published February 13, 2011 - 7 Comments

This post might make people cringe, so if you’re a little squeamish, I suggest that you skip this one entirely.

Today is Day #3 after having my vasectomy, and I would love to report that things are great… unfortunately that would be a bit of a lie.  The bruising and swelling continues to grow.  Until tonight, I was dealing with the pain strictly with Extra Strength Advil.  About 30 mins ago I popped my first Percocet ever.  I’m still waiting for it to kick in.

Last night I started looking on the internet for what a typical vasectomy recovery might look like.  I’d say those men were pretty damn lucky!  I didn’t see anything that even looked close to what I have!  A little cut here, perhaps a tiny bruise there.  Where was the massive swelling and the gigantic black bruise?  Well, in order to find those pictures, you need to refine your search a little.  Vasectomy hematoma does the trick!  I started looking at the pictures, and reading some of the testimonials.  Yup…  that was me alright!

I’ve been taking pictures so I can compare the changes on a day by day basis.  I’ll spare the general public with those, but I found a website that shows someone who was remarkably close to what I am currently experiencing.  The bruising pattern is very similar to my own, although I have more lower abdominal bruising that essentially connects to the swollen and black scrotum.  You can view that website here, but remember…  it is graphic.  I talk about it openly because it is what it is.  No one has to read this post, but maybe someday it will get picked up in Google and someone else who has a similar experience will read it and gain some value from it.

So what happens next?  From everything that I’ve read, I can expect the swelling and bruising to go down… eventually.  The urologist told me to contact his office, my family doctor, or the emergency room if I ran into any serious problems.  I think this qualifies, so on Monday I will give his office a call and see if I can go in.  There probably isn’t much that he can do, but he needs to be aware of it.  I’m sure that he’s going to chastise me for not paying attention to his instructions.  I’m not too sure what I could have done better.  I haven’t been overly active (no surprise)… no lifting… laying on the couch… minimal movement… not much sitting… using ice packs… I think the one thing I failed at was not wearing snug underwear to support my scrotum.  I wanted room for them to move because they were sore from the surgery… well, I think that was the exact opposite of what they needed.  Whether that was the cause of the hematoma or not.. it certainly didn’t help matters.  So tomorrow I’m sending Paul into the drug store to buy me a scrotum support thingie…  that should sufficiently embarrass him…

Waiting for the 2nd Percocet to kick in…