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Christmas Update

Published December 14, 2009 - 3 Comments

Well, we’re down to under 2 weeks left until the Big Day.  I still have yet to go pick out a tree, but at least I have a tree stand now.  Borrowed one from the ex.  I wonder if she’ll want it back?  I borrowed some lights for it too.  I imagine that she’ll want those back.  I’ve decided to get a real tree, and then get an artificial one after Christmas when they’re all on sale.  I just couldn’t justify paying full price for one, knowing that they’d be virtually giving them away in a couple of weeks.

Unfortunately, I still have a few things left to pick up.  I know, I know…  how did I go from starting so early, to still being in those stores 10 days before Christmas?  I got slack.  That’s really what it boils down to.  I was all psyched about gift giving, and then the wind just blew out of my sails.  Now I’m scrambling to pick up a few things before it gets too wacky out there.

I dropped off a whole bunch of Christmas cards this morning.  I’m a little short on stamps to the USA so those ones are going to be a tad late.  Sorry.

Mum’s Christmas dinner is actually next weekend!  I keep getting the date wrong, so we’ll see if I actually make it there or not. 

It’s such a hectic time of year.