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Christmas 2012: Getting Shit Done

Published December 8, 2012 - 12 Comments

I decided to take yesterday off, and dedicate it to getting the bulk of my Christmas shopping done.  I knew that I’d never get ALL of it.. there will still be a few little odds and ends to pick up between now and then… but I wanted to get the majority of it done, so I could avoid the malls until the middle of next year.

And guess what?  It worked!

I didn’t sleep in until noon.  I was actually standing in Indigo at 9:07am with a few other dedicated shoppers, going through some book ideas that I had in mind.  I left there with over $200 worth of books and games.  It sure doesn’t take long to add up!

I won’t bore you with all the details of my day, but I will hit upon a few of the highlights.

  • Walmart in east Saint John wasn’t quite the zoo that I know it can be.  In years past I have walked in, only to immediately turn around and walk out.  I can’t be bothered to push my way through crowds of shoppers.  That wasn’t the case yesterday.  It was busy, but it wasn’t insane.  But give it time!
  • The new Walmart on the west side is a breath of fresh air compared to its east side counterpart.  This is one of Walmart’s acquisitions from the Zeller’s selloff.  It’s nice in there, but as people had already told me… it’s not laid out like a Walmart at all.  It’s laid out like a Zeller’s, except with blue paint, and yellow smiley faces announcing rollback prices.  I didn’t see a single Walmart greeter… what’s up with that?  Still, it was quiet.
  • No Frills grocery store (formerly Real Atlantic Super Store) on the west side doesn’t have plastic bags to carry out your groceries.  Wish I had known that before standing there like a tool wondering how to get my stuff out of there.  They do have boxes though… yup.
  • I surprised my doctor and her office staff by showing up with a beautiful poinsettia and card thanking them for everything that they’ve done.  Dr Lisa is an amazing person and I’ve been in there way too often lately to see her.  Her staff has been excellent in trying to get me booked in when something comes up last minute, and I wanted them to know how much I appreciated it.  The smiles on their faces were more than enough for me.  Love seeing that.

That’s pretty much it… except for the pointy elf slippers that I picked up at Walmart.  Imagine Mrs Claus’ surprise when she came home and found me in the kitchen dressed like that.  Ladies, never laugh at your man when he’s wearing silk boxer shorts with Homer Simpson Santas… That’s just rude!  😉