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Changes to the Blog – WordPress 3.0 And Beyond

Published June 18, 2010 - 0 Comments

When I logged into my dashboard this morning, I received a notice that WordPress 3.0 was available for download.  I’ve stopped paying attention to all the various upgrades that WordPress seems to constantly throw my way.  Oh sure, I do make sure that I keep the blog(s) updated to the latest and greatest (it’s all about security, after all), but I really don’t care too much about what makes up the latest release.  Well, jumping from release 2.9x to 3.0 is supposed to be a fairly big leap, so I figured that I had better educate myself on the new changes.

As I read through the list of features, as presented on WordPress.org, I realized… most of these don’t really mean that much to me.  Fewer still, if any, mean anything to the people reading this blog.  I will say one really nice thing about the new release though.  I’m finally able to upgrade all my plugins at the same time!  That saves me the constant headache of having to do each one of them every time that WordPress gets updated and the plugins require new versions.  I had thought that function was enabled in a previous version, but I never saw it.  Now I do, and so far, so good.  But other than that, I don’t really see a lot that excites me.  Granted, I’m not a developer either.

So I upgraded the backend…. I might as well give the user experience a complete overhaul too!  WordPress 3.0 has a brand new default theme (this is not it) called Twenty Ten.  I installed it, looked at it, and removed it.  It’s pretty bland.  And by that, I mean more “bland” than “pretty”.

While I’m not completely sold on the current theme, I was looking for something that added a splash of colour, without being too over the top. As many of you know, I change the theme on a fairly regular basis, so you can expect that this will not remain in play forever.  As always, I welcome any feedback regarding the theme, or any of the changes made.

One last thing, I re-added a search function in the right panel. I’ve had people asking lately how to find particular posts, and the fastest way was for me to do a search within the administrator panel and then link the URL back to them.  That’s a pain.  Now the search bar is back, and I’ve tested it.  It works.  The other little addition is the Wassup widget (also in the right sidebar).  I’ve been using Wassup almost since I switched to WordPress.  It’s interesting to see where people are being referred from, or what the most popular browser is, etc.  I thought that I would put a mini-version of Wassup on the blog.

Remember, change is never easy…